Foxintelligence for Data teams

Based on the largest online consumer panel, Foxintelligence empowers Ecommerce managers, marketers and analysts with the true vision of ecommerce. The SaaS platform leverages transactional email data to go beyond market share with actionable consumer insights.

Foxintelligence for Data teams
Foxintelligence for Data teams

What can you do?

A SaaS platform to get all the answers you need. Anytime
  • Save time, no more data crunching.
  • No more briefing calls to you panel consultant.
  • All the Ecommerce data is Available 24/7 and refreshed weekly at D+3.

What can you do?

Export raw data and integrate it into your favorite tools
  • Export raw data for any dimension over a rolling 5-year period.
  • Integrate data feeds into any tool (BI, CRM, etc.).

What can you do?

Discover your competitor’s offer strategy
  • Find out on which categories (any level) you or your competitors are over/under performing.
  • Discover how your competitors’ offer mix is evolving.
  • Identify your competitors top selling products at any category level.

What can you do?

Share reporting to the board of operational teams
  • Stop wasting time building reports and aggregating data from multiple sources.
  • Receive concise and automated reports to monitor your business on a day-to-day basis.
  • Fuel your executive committee's report with insights based on real transactions.

Leading Data teams rely on Foxintelligence

Frustrated by the lack of information to effectively optimize your Data operations?

Stop wasting time gathering and analyzing data from various providers and finally understand your market

Provide operations and management with relevant information on trends, consumers, and competition.

Why Data teams rely on Foxintelligence?

  • Do whatever you want with the raw data
  • A comprehensive view across all channels
  • Daily updated data. Available anytime
  • Match foxintelligence data with any tool
  • Only solution to integrate extensive customer data
  • Measurement of partnership effectiveness (agencies, etc.).

Distributors & brands increase
sales and market share with Foxintelligence

“Foxintelligence enables us to stay ahead in our market and provides compelling arguments for our business negotiations.”
Yanis Beida
“A few months away from the World Cup, we need to source sellers of rugby-related products. Thanks to Foxintelligence, we have identified potential future partners.”
Arthur Bertho
“Foxintelligence enables us to build 3-year forecasts and strategic plans.”
Séverine Geoffroy
“Foxintelligence helps us establish a data-driven culture for decision-making and market understanding.”
Yaël Toledano
“Foxintelligence has allowed us to truly understand the dynamics of our online market as well as the behaviour of e-shoppers.“
Aurélie Bastian
“Thanks to Foxintelligence, we realized that we had doubled our market share in the space of a year.“
Jonathan Trepo-Lantelme
“Thanks to Foxintelligence, we have precise knowledge of our online market shares and have discovered brands that have become true successes.”
Géraldine Guillaume
“We use Foxintelligence to accelerate our digital transformation.”
Lionel Devidal
“Foxintelligence allows us to improve our service and strategic operations with real-time data.“
Antoine Guillotte

Discover more use cases you can
address with Foxintelligence

Exec teams
Marketing teams
Ecommerce teams
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