A user-friendly SaaS platform with all the market and consumer insight you need

No need to wait until the end of the quarter (or the end of time) to precisely understand your online market and e-shoppers’ behaviours.

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Largest online consumer panel in the world​

With its consumer app Cleanfox, Foxintelligence has built the most exhaustive and reliable online consumer panel with +5 million e-shoppers worldwide.

Transactional emails collected passively, anonymized and processed in real time from an outstanding coverage with 2000+ emerchants. It uniquely includes marketplaces, DNVB, DtoC, and second-hand. The panel is fully compliant with GDPR and local regulations.

One platform to know everything

Foxintelligence’s business model relies on the production of statistics on ecommerce. To produce these statistics, we aggregate electronic order confirmations retrieved passively into mailboxes of panelists.​

Everything about transactions and products

Foxintelligence leverages automation and AI to automatically analyze e-receipts and enrich all the information you need about transaction and products.​

Everything about consumers

We deliver a customer centric approach based on our panel of 5M e-shopers. Discover your customers purchase behavior when they don’t buy your products, or understand which consumers you should target, based on their fit with your products or price.

Purchase data

  • What they buy at
  • a detailed level
  • How much they spend
  • Where they buy
  • When they buy
  • Services they use

CRM data

  • Loyalty memberships
  • Offline behaviour

Consumer intelligence

  • Where they live
  • Socio-demographics
  • Psych-demographics
  • Their RFM score
  • Their Interests for products
  • Online media they read

And more…

  • Personalized cohorts
  • CRM onboarding

Analysis criteria

  • Distributor name
  • Distributor type
  • Product bought 3 levels
  • Time

Easy to use. Ready to share

  • Navigate and filter or customize any report or dashboard.
  • Start from use-case ready analysis templates.
  • Share your insights or dashboards with your colleagues.
  • Or export the data to use/present the results in your favorite tools

Distributors & brands increase
sales and market share with Foxintelligence

“A few months away from the World Cup, we need to source sellers of rugby-related products. Thanks to Foxintelligence, we have identified potential future partners.”
Arthur Bertho
“Foxintelligence enables us to build 3-year forecasts and strategic plans.”
Séverine Geoffroy
“Foxintelligence helps us establish a data-driven culture for decision-making and market understanding.”
Yaël Toledano
“Foxintelligence has allowed us to truly understand the dynamics of our online market as well as the behaviour of e-shoppers.“
Aurélie Bastian
“Thanks to Foxintelligence, we realized that we had doubled our market share in the space of a year.“
Jonathan Trepo-Lantelme
“Thanks to Foxintelligence, we have precise knowledge of our online market shares and have discovered brands that have become true successes.”
Géraldine Guillaume
“We use Foxintelligence to accelerate our digital transformation.”
Lionel Devidal
“Foxintelligence allows us to improve our service and strategic operations with real-time data.“
Antoine Guillotte
Chief Customer Officer​
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More than technology: support from our data experts
to accelerate your success

We have a caring customer success team made of passionate Data experts helping you to lead your market and increase market share.
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