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A panel of +5M e-shoppers worldwide
trusted by retailers and brands
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All-in-one platform
to understand your market, competitors
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+5M e-shoppers in the world
Passively collected & updated. NextGen AI to transform e-receipts into data.
Includes markeplaces, D2C & second-hand. Extensive consumer & CRM data
Market trends, best selling vendors, best selling products, price & delivery, loyalty & churn, share of wallet, Consumer behavior…
Join +10 000 decision makers to get a head start ️ with Foxintelligence

What can you do?

Get a true measurement of your online market
  • Measure market growth and track your online market share: globally, by product category, generation, geography (regions, cities...), price ranges, 1P vs 3P sellers. Identify and monitor competitors' indicators for all brands and retailers, regardless of the channel.

What can you do?

Identify business challenges & opportunities
  • Gain valuable insights to enhance your competitive strategy, negotiations and partnerships.
  • Monitor your main competitor's offering strategy and optimize your acquisition / loyalty programs based on customer purchasing behaviour.
  • Learn everything about marketplaces sellers profile to improve yours.

What can you do?

Optimize your eCommerce operations
  • Improve your brand portfolio and you tactical strategies: delivery, payment, discounts.
  • Manage your products assortment, promotions, and your partnership efficiency.

What can you do?

Get game-changing actionable consumer insights
  • Unlock actionable insights to increase customer loyalty.
  • Build custom consumer segmentation and measure your true marketing campaign ROI.
  • Reduce churn, increase your market share and drive business growth by discovering the consumer profiles that boost purchases.

What can you do?

Work more efficiently, save time & energy to solve business problems
  • Empower your business with a SaaS platform that provides all the answers you need.
  • Save time by eliminating data crunching, access refreshed eCommerce data 24/7 in real-time.
  • Say goodbye to uncertainty and focus on what matters thanks to custom dashboards and use cases for quick insights.

We cover all possible online sales :​

Food delivery

The secret sauce that powers Foxintelligence

The best consumer panel for eCommerce

With its consumer app Cleanfox, Foxintelligence has recruited the most exhaustive and reliable online consumer panel with +5 millione-shoppers worldwide.

  • Transactional emails collected passively, anonymized and processed in real time
  • Outstanding and growing coverage with 2000+ merchants including marketplaces, D2C and second-hand.
  • Fully GDPR and local regulations compliant.

Billions of e-receipts analyzed in real-time​

Everyday, billions of e-receipts avilaible in mailbox of our panelists are analyzed to provide our clients with concrete and actionable insights.

  • Everything about transactions: merchant, date, time, order, delivery, merchant type (marketplace vs retail)
  • Everything about the product: name, brand, category (3 levels), price , quantity
  • Everything about the consumer: gender, address, loyalty membership, interests for categories

Distributors & brands increase
sales and market share with Foxintelligence

“Foxintelligence enables us to build 3-year forecasts and strategic plans.”
Séverine Geoffory
“Foxintelligence helps us establish a data-driven culture for decision-making and market understanding.”
Yaël Toledano
“Foxintelligence has allowed us to truly understand the dynamics of our online market as well as the behaviour of e-shoppers.“
Aurélie Bastian
“Thanks to Foxintelligence, we realized that we had doubled our market share in the space of a year.“
Jonathan Trepo-Lantelme
“Thanks to Foxintelligence, we have precise knowledge of our online market shares and have discovered brands that have become true successes.”
Géraldine Guillaume
“We use Foxintelligence to accelerate our digital transformation.”
Lionel Devidal
“Foxintelligence allows us to improve our service and strategic operations with real-time data.“
Antoine Guillotte
Chief Customer Officer​
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More than technology: support from our data experts to accelerate your success​

We have a caring customer success team made of passionate Data experts helping you to lead your market and increase market share.

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Why Foxintelligence ?

Backed by 100+ clients leading distributors and brands
A SaaS Platform. Answer any business question. Anytime.
Biggest eCommerce panel worldwide. Granularity with real transactions.
Only solution to integrate extensive customer data
Only solution to integrate extensive customer data
Access data you don’t have like marketplaces, DtoC, DNVB or 2nd-hand
Your platform. Your data.
Available 24/7
Plug & Play
Secure, Scalable & Compliant
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