Yaël Toledano
Director of Marketing, Communication, and Digital
Sushi Shop

“Foxintelligence helps us establish a data-driven culture for decision-making and market understanding.”


A 360° View of Their Online Market

Yaël is the Director of Marketing, Communication, and Digital at Sushi Shop. She manages a team of around thirty people and is responsible for the concrete implementation of the brand’s overall strategy. On a daily basis, she ensures a good understanding of the market and of customers. She defines offerings, creates products and partnerships. She also manages offline and online communication.

“Foxintelligence allows us to have a clearer view of digital sales, delivery figures. It’s useful in a rapidly evolving market with uncertain changes.”

Before Foxintelligence
  • Very few figures about the delivery market.
  • A too limited perspective on digital sales.
  • Time spent searching and gathering market information.
With Foxintelligence
  • Data and insights about the delivery market.
  • A clearer and more comprehensive view of digital activities.
  • Time saved and accurate information regularly provided.

Sushi Shop's Complete Testimonial

Sushi Shop was a Foxintelligence client for the first time in 2018. Due to budget constraints, the partnership was discontinued. In 2022, Yaël’s team needed a clearer view of digital sales and the delivery market. “Foxintelligence allows us to position ourselves in relation to the market. To understand how the market is evolving, and how we are evolving as a brand within this market.”

Foxintelligence provides real-time insights by analyzing billions of electronic receipts every day. The result: concrete and actionable data delivered to e-commerce businesses – enabling them to understand their market, customers, trends, and adjust their strategies.

A Unanimously Praised Solution

Several profiles use the Foxintelligence solution at Sushi Shop:

  • The marketing department, for market trends.
  • The aggregator manager, to observe global and local trends. “Foxintelligence enables optimization of investments and strategy.”
  • Product marketing, “we have insights into products, to see what sells with our competitors, to see if they have popular items that we don’t offer.”
  • Acquisition, to identify target audiences.
  • Development and expansion, “They have a finer understanding of areas where we are not yet present but have potential. We have insight into our local competitors, city by city, and we can see their market shares.”

“Multiple roles within our organization use the solution, each with different tasks and objectives.”

Insights Much Harder to Obtain Without Foxintelligence

On a daily basis, Yaël uses Foxintelligence to understand her market in detail. “How is the delivery market doing, how are different players performing, how is the sushi market evolving in general, how are different brands evolving within this market…”

Foxintelligence allows her to track her activity and better understand sales. “It allows us to add context and insights to what we observe in terms of sales.” Previously, Yaël would search for information on Google Trends, conduct awareness studies, and consumer surveys. “Without Fox’s data, I wouldn’t know where to find the market share of Sushi Shop or the sushi market in general. I don’t think this information would exist.”

The platform also provides her with a better-defined competitive landscape. “Previously, we gathered information from here and there, but without an exhaustive and impartial view.”

Foxintelligence, the Solution to Understand the Market and Stay Ahead

Foxintelligence is the leading European panel, comprising over 1.5 million e-shoppers, designed to provide brands and retailers with an accurate view of their online market and consumers.

On a daily basis, Yaël uses Foxintelligence in several ways:

  • In her monthly business review presented to the board. “It’s really become a part of my routine – to show numbers indicating the state of the market, and how we are performing within it. Last month, I profiled Sushi Shop’s customers. A dynamic pivot table, with geographical distribution, average basket size, purchase frequency, etc… Comparing it with other product categories like burgers or pizzas.”
  • Occasionally, whenever she has strategy-related questions: “As soon as I have a question, I instinctively go to Fox to see if I can find the answer. And very often, I find the information I was looking for.”

Yaël has been able to make strategic decisions based on the data obtained through Foxintelligence. “We’ve made strategic decisions that have had associated ROI. They have had an impact, and so, we even measure the impact on Fox!”

For Sushi Shop, the digital aspect is a crucial part of the business. Sushi Shop is a brand born from delivery and takeout services. One of the first to have a website and a mobile application. “Digital is a highly significant part of our business, so monitoring it is essential for us.”

Tailored Onboarding and Support

At Foxintelligence, each client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

“Whenever I ask questions, I get responses very quickly. We get the attention and answers we need, as well as availability. Sometimes, I ask tricky questions, and if our CSM doesn’t have the answer, they’ll search the platform and come back to us with the information. It’s truly appreciated.”

Sushi Shop also has bi-monthly calls with their CSM. “It’s a call where we discuss new features, questions we have about the platform.”

Key features used by Sushi Shop:

  • Market shares: to instantly view market shares by region, city, platform, category… “We get an idea of the overall situation in France and can see that the situation is different in Marseille, for example. In the restaurant business, the situation is different locally as we don’t have the same competitors in different regions.”
  • Penetration rate, with data tables and dynamic pivot tables: “For me, it’s an indicator of brand attractiveness, especially compared to competitors.”

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