Yanis Beida
Business analyst

“Foxintelligence enables us to stay ahead in our market and provides compelling arguments for our business negotiations.”


An Essential Management Tool

Nestlé is the leading company in the agri-food sector in France, with a presence in numerous daily consumer food categories.

Yanis, a business analyst at Nestlé, collaborates with Charlotte, the head of Ecommerce responsible for the overall e-commerce strategy of the group in France. Their joint role is to ensure the growth of Nestlé’s e-commerce sales. Yanis uses Foxintelligence to manage the analysis of Nestlé’s performance and to discover insights. Charlotte, on the other hand, utilizes Foxintelligence for ad hoc issues: “For overall analysis or preparing meetings, I use Foxintelligence more selectively to analyze global trends in channels and retail outlets.”

Nestlé utilizes Foxintelligence in several ways:

  • For daily business management with regular monitoring: “We conduct monthly, sometimes weekly, follow-ups on certain topics.”
  • For prospective and long-term strategic reflection.

Charlotte also uses Foxintelligence to prepare for meetings, extracting data on store transfers, consumer behavior, and understanding where consumers go when they churn from a store, for example.

Before Foxintelligence
  • No data on emerging channels like Quick Commerce
  • Less certain business activity management

With Foxintelligence
  • Precise figures on a global e-commerce scope
  • More reliable, comprehensive data, and increased confidence in business management

Foxintelligence to Boost Confidence Internally

Thanks to Foxintelligence, Nestlé has optimized its client meetings with a different approach. “We start from more macro, more categorical data. We have a different approach than what they are used to seeing. We can provide them with a market analysis they don’t have.”

The data obtained from Foxintelligence allows Nestlé to offer a new perspective to its clients and position itself as a development partner. “It helps us to enhance, to legitimize our expertise. To make us Ecommerce specialists.”

The figures and insights obtained from Foxintelligence also reassure internal teams. “Emerging channels can be a source of concern internally. Having data allows us to quantify things and rationalize.”

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Most Used Features by Nestlé

  • Market Share: The feature Yanis uses the most: “No other tool allows us to have such data. It allows us to clearly see where we stand in the market today, how things are evolving, and adapt our strategy.”
  • Consumer KPIs: Purchase frequency, average basket, etc.
  • Discovering top sellers/top products
  • Store churn

Foxintelligence for Resource Decisions

The Foxintelligence platform offers a very detailed level of information on product sub-categories. For example, Nestlé used the data obtained to make decisions on the coffee category: “There are specialists who are very big on certain segments of the coffee category – but not on other segments. Before Foxintelligence, we had no visibility on these figures! These are potentially very small customers for us, while in fact, they outperform on certain segments. It allows us to make resource decisions.”

Tailored Support

At Foxintelligence, each client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager to assist them in the onboarding phase and daily tool usage.

Charlotte particularly appreciates the speed at which the tool is delivered. “I have never seen a tool set up so quickly and be immediately usable. We become operational very quickly, and it’s really satisfying.”

"Using Foxintelligence regularly has become a habit for us. It gives us a vision."

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