Photo Thibault NB
Thibault Corbeil
Head of Business Development Europe

“With Foxintelligence, we have access to objective and indisputable data.”

Photo Thibault NB

Decathlon: Foxintelligence’s top client in terms of active users

Decathlon is a French company specializing in the retail of sports and leisure products. Founded in 1976, the Decathlon group now has more than 1,700 stores across 64 countries.

Thibault is the Head of Business Development Europe within Decathlon Marketplace. His job is to expand and enrich the offerings in 13 European countries through an ecosystem of partner sellers who offer desired and leading brands in the sports market.

Decathlon has been using Foxintelligence for over a year and a half and has 220 platform users, making it Foxintelligence’s largest client in terms of active users.

Before Foxintelligence
  • Relied on declarative market studies with information from brands and retailers.
  • Dependent on convictions, assumptions, hypotheses, and observations for market understanding.
  • Incomplete view of the digital sports market and its ecosystem.
With Foxintelligence
  • Access to objective, quantified online market shares.
  • Validated beliefs with concrete data.
  • Insight into high and low-performing segments at Decathlon compared to the market.
  • Ability to enhance underperforming segments with offerings preferred by sports customers.
  • Clear understanding of Decathlon’s position relative to other sports retailers.

Decathlon Uses Foxintelligence to Manage Its eCommerce Activity

With Foxintelligence data, Thibault precisely understands Decathlon’s position as a retailer in its market, enabling a comparison between what Decathlon offers and what sports customers want.

“Knowing Decathlon’s data-driven position in the sports market is invaluable. We not only understand our position in the market but also, for example, our running brands’ position in the running market. Foxintelligence data allows us to validate and support our decisions.”

At Decathlon, Foxintelligence data is applied across multiple levels.

  • Daily management of the marketplace:

“Foxintelligence data has allowed us to understand Decathlon’s positions in the sports market for prioritizing, as well as the market share of each brand.

”Foxintelligence helps us identify brands, product types, and popular products for sports customers, allowing us to meet their expectations through our Marketplace partners.”

Foxintelligence helps Decathlon identify underperforming categories to enhance and offer more to their customers.

“We focus daily on what is important to our customers and sports users. Our goal was to increase Decathlon’s market share in sports by offering to our customers brands that are leading or popular in the sports market, justified by their market share. It’s as simple as that.”

Thibault also uses the “top brands/top products” feature, which shows the best-selling products for each brand. “Once a seller is onboarded on our marketplace, the goal is to offer these products under the right conditions to satisfy our customers and sports users.”

  • For Adhoc Studies at the Board Level

Occasionally, Decathlon conducts specific studies by sport, country, or category. These adhoc studies help the Consumer & Market Insights team make informed decisions and enrich internal publications to support or validate strategic directions.

  • For Exploratory Benchmarking:

Foxintelligence also enables Decathlon to benchmark. Recently, they explored aspects such as fulfillment, delivery conditions, and how sports customers generally shop outside of Decathlon.

“In the future, we plan to explore the Merchant Switch and Brand Switch features to better understand our buyers’ behavior when they shop outside Decathlon.”

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A Comprehensive View of the Sports Market with Indisputable Data

Before Foxintelligence, Decathlon understood the sports market through purchased market studies, which were often declarative and relied on data provided by retailers, brands, or other sports stakeholders.

“For several years, I searched for data that could give us a comprehensive view of the sports market. With Foxintelligence, we now have real, objective, and indisputable data. I finally have this comprehensive and objective view of the sports market and consumption habits in the digital space.”

This data has allowed Decathlon to save time and work more efficiently. “We have moved from supposition to confirmation of conviction through proof. “We are less involved in debates about positions, assumptions, or convictions. This fosters a more constructive environment”

For marketplace seller management, Thibault uses Foxintelligence daily. “For example, when our visitors search for luggage on Decathlon e-commerce sites, I recently used Foxintelligence to identify the most popular brands and the largest online marketplace resellers of these brands.”

The Foxintelligence platform enables Thibault’s teams to be more precise and efficient in prospecting future Marketplace partners.

Customized Onboarding and Support

At Foxintelligence, each client has a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). For Decathlon, it’s Muriel. Muriel is deeply involved in training future users during the onboarding phase and supports them daily in using the platform.

“We had as many training and onboarding sessions as needed. Whether there are 5, 10, or 40 users, someone at Foxintelligence will always train us and ensure we use the platform as effectively and quickly as possible.”

“We collaborated on setting up dashboards to establish a common analysis framework and shared understanding across the company. It’s user-friendly.” During the onboarding phase, Decathlon’s CSM set up dashboards to enhance tool comprehension and usage for all users.

“Our CSM is highly accessible and proactive, always focusing on solutions. They are both friendly and serious, which is greatly appreciated.”

"With Foxintelligence, we have access to indisputable data based on sports customers’ online purchases, providing us with a comprehensive and objective view of the sports market.”

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