Antoine Guillotte
Director of strategy at Cdiscount

“Foxintelligence allows us to improve our service and strategic operations with real-time data.“

Historical Partner

The Cenova Group specialises in innovation. The group includes in particular Cdiscount, a B2C marketplace and Octopia, an all-in-one seller platform.

Antoine is the group’s strategy director. Cdiscount has been a partner of Foxintelligence for over 5 years. Through this long-standing partnership, certain product developments and functionalities have been co-constructed to meet Cdiscount’s expectations and ambitions.

“Foxintelligence is one of the tools we use on a daily basis to optimise our sales operations.”

Before Foxintelligence
  • Lack of market visibility
  • Less reliable, less informed strategic direction
With Foxintelligence
  • Clear market benchmarks
  • Precise and reliable analyses of specific target markets
  • Quality sourcing of the best market references and sellers for their marketplace

360° View

Foxintelligence is the biggest European e-shopper panel. It gathers over 1.5 million e-shoppers and has been designed so that brands and retailers can view their markets and online consumers with precision.

For Cdiscount, Foxintelligence tackles two main issues. The first is creating a clear understanding of the market, “and in particular of the new markets we want to conquer.” The second is “improving our offer thanks to data available in real-time to source the best market references, and the best sellers for our marketplace.”

The main features used by Cdiscount:

  • Market share analysis: “Ecommerce is a very dynamic sector, and it is essential for us to have reliable benchmarks to help us navigate in this market.” Cdiscount uses overall market share, and market share by category and by seller.
  • Marketplace vendor tool: “It allows us to identify the top sellers in the top categories, and then go and source them.”

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Personalised Onboarding

“Onboarding is very simple and very fast, suitable for all types of users, and that is very much appreciated.” Onboarding and support are key points at Cdiscount, which has several hundred users.

“The Foxintelligence interface has the merit of being both simple and ergonomic. It can be used by both operational staff and data analysts, and it is backed up by technical support that is fully up to the task.”

Cdiscount has put data at the heart of its actions, its operations and its performance.

"Foxintelligence allows us to be better informed about our market and our competitors"

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