State of Ecommerce in Europe in 2024

Live webinar  | Hosted in English 🇺🇸

June 26th
5:00 pm
6:00 pm

Event description

Foxintelligence experts will present an exclusive H1 2024 ecommerce report covering France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium – providing strategic insights to succeed in H2 2024.
All data presented will be based on the online purchases of a panel of over 5M e-shoppers. On the agenda:
  • Ecommerce Report of H1 2024: Category mix, evolution of categories, rankings, top performers across categories, and new trends.
  • Profile of the European Shopper: Online consumption habits by generation on H1 2024 and growth levers for brands.
  • Focus on Chinese platforms: TikTok made a sensational entrance in the UK. What lessons can we learn from their rapid entry into the UK market? Threat or opportunity for brands? And what about Temu?
  • Special Guest: Exclusive testimony from @Decathlon
This webinar will allow you to:
  • Maximize performance by understanding your online business categories, best-performing brands & retailers, etc.
  • Understand penetration and consumer behaviors across generations and countries to better anticipate your next e-commerce strategies.
  • Leverage market best practices for a successful H2 2024.


Guillaume Coudry
Western Europe E-commerce Leader @NielsenIQ
Ismail El Ouardirhi
Sales Director @Foxintelligence by NielsenIQ
Christian Habich
Business | Data Analyst @Decathlon

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