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Hundreds of companies use Foxapp daily to understand everything about their online market, their competitors and their customers.

Some of our references


Food delivery




Beauty and fashion



Consulting & investissement




«Foxintelligence is a tool that allows us to boost our omnichannel transformation by having a multiple view on market dynamics: on a weekly basis, on each of our categories, in a catchment area approach, as a merchant and as a Marketplace. This is one of the element that fuels our speed of action.»

Venceslas Boutan – Business Performance Director – Leroy Merlin

Food Delivery

«We use Foxintelligence on a daily. The platform allows us to get a unique view on our market and adapt our strategy in real time.»

Henri Capoul – Co-founder & CEO – Cajoo



«We have been working with Foxintelligence since 2018 in five European countries. Based on real transactions, their data allows us to understand the specific needs of consumers in each of these markets. It’s an essential tool for our international expansion.»

Guillaume Rouby – CMO – Back Market


“With Foxintelligence we have found a precise tool to analyze our direct competitive universe and our general environment: product lines, user behaviors and market trends”.

Julien Sylvain – Founder – Tediber


“For several years, Foxintelligence has allowed us to strengthen our knowledge of the E-commerce market, in order to provide our clients with relevant categorical recommendations to develop the Pet Food category”.

Isabelle Taillandier – President and General Manager – Nestlé Purina Petcare

Beauty & Fashion

“Foxintelligence has been working with us for the past four years to understand the detailed dynamics of our market. Their solution allows us to identify exactly what our customers expect and what products they want”.

Thierry Petit – CEO – ShowroomPrivé



“Foxintelligence allows us to be more responsive and gives us unique insights onto our clients behaviours in other markets. It’s a valuable tool to readjust our offers.”

Julie London – CMO – Oscaro

Consulting & investment

“We are frequent users of the Foxintelligence solution and a strong advocats of what is today one of the most powerful tools for brands and retailers to understand the dynamics of e-commerce.”

Grégoire Baudry – Partner – Bain & Company

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