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Shoe Market Study

Far from mere functional use, shoes have become objects of desire, collectibles, and tradable items.

While some traditional players are closing their doors, unexpected brands are rapidly gaining market share.

Focus on:

  • The state of the shoe market
  • Sneakers: sport shoes turned cultural symbols
  • Crocs & Birkenstock, promoting comfort as a selling point


State of the Shoe Market and Current News

There’s no shortage of ready-to-wear stores facing bankruptcy or financial difficulties. In 2023, France witnessed the closure of numerous retail chains.

  • San Marina was acquired by Chaussea after a period of judicial recovery.
  • Minelli, previously acquired by San Marina in 2021, now finds itself in judicial recovery.
  • André was purchased in 2023 after two instances of judicial recovery in two years.

To maintain their position in the shoe sector, industry players are adapting their strategies.

The Eram Group (comprising Eram, Bocage, and Mellow Yellow) has embraced the second-hand market by launching its Claquette Market marketplace, a 100% French marketplace that gives used shoes a second life (allowing both buying and selling).

To cater to customer preferences, the group also offers Claquette Market sections within its physical stores.

Besson Chaussure has expanded into textile offerings. Women’s clothing from brands like Tom Tailor, Deeluxe, Mexx, and Les Petites Bombes (LPB) is now available for sale. This diversification strategy has been implemented in about ten stores so far.

Veja has ventured into sneaker repair as a pioneer in this service. Traditional cobblers do not typically repair sneakers due to their complex and time-consuming maintenance requirements, given their multiple materials. Veja’s goal is simple: prolong the lifespan of sneakers, focusing on recycling only those that cannot be repaired. This initiative aligns with the brand’s commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint and promoting increasingly responsible consumption. The brand has opened three cobblers and repairs all brands of sneakers.

Sneaker Market: Sport Shoes as a Cultural Symbol

Evolution of the Sport Shoe Market

In 2022, sneakers accounted for 28% of the footwear market in France, with Nike accounting for 17.5% of that share.

While sneakers quickly established themselves in the sports sector, it’s more surprising to see them on the podium of luxury houses. Gucci, Balenciaga, and all major haute couture names have launched their own sneaker collections.

With sneakers everywhere (even at Lidl), it’s no wonder that one out of every two pairs of shoes sold worldwide is a pair of sneakers.

Regarding brands, Nike is the top-selling brand in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and the UK.

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Shoe Market Study: Crocs & Birkenstock, Unexpected Best-Sellers

Rising Market Shares for Crocs and Birkenstock While Adidas Faces Decline

In the UK, Crocs multiplied its market share by five in just two years. With the pandemic, comfort has become even more important than aesthetics.

In France, Birkenstock ranks in the top 15 best-selling brands, surpassing New Balance and Reebok. Birkenstock has seen its market share increase over the last three years, while Adidas has experienced a decline.

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