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The Best-Selling Second-Hand Brands in December

The second-hand market is experiencing exponential growth. In 2023, its penetration rate doubled in France, accounting for 8.6% of the global eCommerce market in terms of value.

Let’s explore:

  • Why the second-hand market is thriving
  • The evolution of market penetration rates in France, Germany, and the UK
  • The top-selling second-hand brands in December

Marché de la seconde main en Europe

The Second-Hand Market Thrives

Buying Second-Hand for Savings

Shopping for budget-friendly items is the primary motivation for e-shoppers to turn to second-hand products. Thanks to the second-hand market, buyers can not only save money but also resell items they no longer use.

Choosing Second-Hand on Conviction

For many, purchasing second-hand products is also an activist act. Preferring products that have already been used is a way to counter overproduction and excessive consumption.

Second-hand purchases address this dual issue: meaningful purchases at reasonable prices.

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Evolution of Second-Hand Market Penetration

The second-hand market is booming.

Since 2017, it has multiplied by 3.5 in France, rising from 14% in 2017 to 49% in 2023. This means that last year, 1 in 2 e-shoppers made a second-hand purchase online.

In the UK, the trend took longer to kick in, but the figures are now almost identical to those in the French market.

In Germany, the penetration rate doubled between 2022 and 2023, jumping from 16% to 30% in just one year.


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Top-Selling Clothing Brands Second-Hand in December

Ralph Lauren and Zara stand out:

  • In December, Zara is the best-selling clothing brand second-hand in France, Germany, and Spain. It ranks 3rd in Italy and 4th in the UK.
  • Ralph Lauren is also present in the top 5 of all analyzed countries.

Sportswear brands are not left behind – Nike, Adidas, and The North Face are notable.

In France, Sézane ranks 5th, confirming its iconic status in the country.

Marques de vêtements les plus vendues en seconde main

Top-Selling Second-Hand Tech Brands in December

In the realm of High-Tech products, Apple and Samsung hold the 1st and 2nd positions respectively across all analyzed European countries.

HP, Sony, and Lenovo also perform well.


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Marques high tech les plus vendues d'occasion

Top-Selling Second-Hand Toy Brands in December

The trend of buying second-hand toys is on the rise. In December, Lego takes the 1st place in France, Germany, and the UK. In Italy and Spain, the brand ranks 2nd behind Funko.

Historical brands in the sector, such as Asmodée, Hasbro, and Playmobil, are among the most resold second-hand.

Les marques de jeux et jouets les plus vendues d'occasion

Key insights to remember

  • The penetration rate of the second-hand market has tripled in 7 years in France, Germany, and the UK.
  • In France, the share of second-hand in the global eCommerce market is 8.6%.
  • In December, Lego, Apple, and Zara are the top-selling brands in second-hand in the categories of toys, high-tech, and fashion.


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