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Christmas 2023 in Europe: Who’s Spending What?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄🫎☕️

D-9 before the eve: it’s time to take stock of Christmas shopping. Are toy brands the favorites during the festive season? Is Lego still the go-to brand for Christmas? In times of inflation, have e-shoppers spent as much as last year?

Here’s what we’re sharing:

⭐️ Brands benefiting the most from Christmas shopping

💰 Average spending per country

Insights de Noël

Which Brands Benefit the Most from Christmas?

Lego for (almost) everyone

Lego is the best-selling brand in the first 10 days of December in France, the UK, Germany, and Italy (value analysis).

Lego is a sure bet, the gift you can’t go wrong with. For kids, adults, and kidults: choosing Lego is a guarantee of success. In the first three quarters of 2023, wildflower bouquets in bricks are the best-selling products for the brand. The idea is a product targeting kidults, a growth driver in the game and toy market, offering both playful and decorative elements.

On the brand’s website, there’s a special Christmas section featuring iconic sets, small Christmas gifts (such as keychains), as well as Christmas decorations (tree, hanging decorations, an advent calendar, or even the “Home Alone” house).

French Opt for Sézane for Christmas

In France, Sézane comes in just behind Lego. And in 5th place, there’s Octobre – Sézane’s wardrobe, this time designed for men.

Whether worn on the Christmas eve or wrapped under the tree, it’s highly likely you’ll come across Sézane clothing for Christmas!

A Dyson under the Christmas tree

Dyson is the 4th best-selling brand in early December in Italy, and the 5th in the UK 🧹. A success for the brand, which already experienced a significant increase in market share in November for Black Friday.

Who ordered a vacuum cleaner for Christmas? 🤔

Fast Fashion for Christmas

Lego is leading in all analyzed countries… Except in Spain! Shein takes the top spot there. While French women will be dressed in Sézane for the holiday season, Spanish women have preferred to bet on fast fashion.

It was noted earlier in the year that Shein was growing in Spain, while the French were slowly starting to move away from the brand.

And Toys?

If we look at sales in value, we note that some brands stand out:

  • In France, Lego is in 1st place, Nintendo in 3rd, Vtech and Playmobil in 6th and 7th place – and Mattel in 9th place.
  • In the UK, only Lego (1st place) and Disney (10th place) are in the top 10 brands with the biggest uplift.
  • In Germany, Lego, Nintendo, Playmobil, and Ravensburger have made their mark.
  • In Spain, we see the presence of Lego, Nintendo, Mattel, and Hasbro.
  • And in Italy, only Lego!

Meilleures ventes pour Noël

Average Spending: Who's Splurging the Most for Christmas?

In France and Germany, average spending in the first 10 days of December is on the rise.

The French spent €155 during the period in 2022 – compared to €159 this year.

Germans, on the other hand, increased their average spending by €3, going from €163 to €166 between 2022 and 2023. Germany has the highest average spending during the Christmas season.

For other countries, expenses are down: 2 points for the UK, 4 points for Italy – and 11 points for Spain!

Dépense moyenne en ligne pour Noël

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Key Insights:

  • Lego remains unquestionably the favorite brand during the Christmas season.
  • Shein is the best-selling brand in value in early December in Spain.
  • Only the French and the British have increased their online budget this year – in other countries, average spending is down.


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