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Black Friday 2023 Results: Key Takeaways

Consumer confidence in Europe has hit its lowest point in 40 years. With cumulative and prolonged economic impacts and sustained inflation, consumers are reevaluating their spending habits.

For Black Friday 2023, did consumers exercise more caution in their spending, or were they actively seeking deals and promotions to save on Christmas purchases?


Black Friday results

Report description

Find all the insights related to Black Friday 2023 in this study:

  • An uncertain economic climate and cautious consumers
  • Increased sales value for Black Friday 2023
  • Distribution of online sales by buyer type
  • Daily online sales value (Q4 2023 vs Q4 2022)
  • Participation rates on Black Friday among e-shoppers since 2020
  • Participation rates on Black Friday 2023 by gender and age group
  • Black Friday 2023 participation rates, average online spending, and order numbers by European country
  • Category mix by country in value – MAT 2023
  • Winners of Black Friday 2023 vs MAT
  • Focus on categories driving sales: fashion, beauty, computers & electronics, home appliances
  • The secret recipe of high-performing players


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