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Amazon in Europe: Insights and Key Figures

Amazon is the global leader in e-commerce, having revolutionized online shopping and become a go-to platform for many buyers. The reasons for its rapid success include a meticulously designed loyalty program, an ultra-simplified customer experience, and unmatched delivery speed.

Amazon has profoundly transformed the way we buy and consume, holding the top position in e-commerce in Europe, although buying behaviors vary across countries.

💶 Which European country spends the most on Amazon?
🔄 Does the frequency of purchases vary from one country to another?
🛍️ What product categories sell the best on the platform?

Let’s delve into it.

Insights : Amazon en Europe

E-commerce Insights: Focus on Amazon Buyers' Behavior in the European Market

Penetration Rate*: In Spain, Amazon’s penetration rate is the lowest, covering 50% of the online market. In Germany, the platform covers 64% of the market.

*Penetration rate refers to the proportion of consumers who have made a purchase among potential consumers. In other words, it indicates the market coverage rate.

Average Spending: Germany also leads in average spending, with Germans having spent an average of €1,377 on Amazon in the last 12 months. In Italy, the average spending surpasses 1,000 euros, reaching €1,064. In the UK, the average is €999, and in France, it is €860. Spaniards are the least spenders at €768. Average spending varies twofold across the European market.

Average Basket Value: The average basket value ranges from €27 for the UK to €46 for Italy. Both the French and the Spanish have an average basket value of €43, while Germans have €36.

Number of Items per Order: Unsurprisingly, the act of purchasing has become commonplace on Amazon. For all analyzed countries, the number of items per order ranges from 1.2 to 1.4.

Purchase Frequency: It varies twofold between Spain (18 orders in a year) and Germany (39 orders placed).

Wallet Share: In France, Amazon’s customer** base allocates 35% of its online shopping budget to Amazon. In Italy, out of €100 spent online, €69 goes to Amazon for the customer base. The Italian customer base is the most loyal in Europe.

**Amazon Customer Base: Customers who have made at least one purchase on Amazon in the last 12 months.

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Who Are Amazon Buyers? Which Generations Spend the Most on the Platform?

In European countries, the Y generation contributes the most to Amazon’s revenue. In France, it represents 51% of buyers.

In Spain, the X generation’s influence is significant, accounting for 29% of Amazon customers, while the Z generation accounts for 24%.

In Italy, the Y and Z generations together make up 80% of the platform’s online customers.

Les clients d'Amazon en Europe

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The Main Product Categories Purchased on Amazon in Europe

The categories with the highest impact on Amazon’s revenue are Culture & Games, DIY & Garden, Electronics & Computers, Fashion, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), and Home & Appliances.

Key takeaways:

  • Surprisingly, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) is the most purchased category on the platform in the UK!
  • The French are the e-shoppers who spend the most in the Culture & Games category.
  • The Electronics & Computers category leads in all analyzed countries.

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Meilleures ventes Amazon

How Did Amazon Emerge as the Global E-commerce Leader?

Through a subscription-based loyalty program: Amazon Prime. It is Amazon’s primary competitive advantage. Currently, no other player can compete with the benefits offered to Prime members. Beyond selling products, the platform provides a multitude of services:

  • Free one-day delivery (or even less in major cities)
  • Access to Prime Video and Prime Music, on-demand video and music platforms from the brand
  • Prime Gaming, including a paid subscription on Twitch and content on PC games
  • Access to Prime Days, promotional days dedicated exclusively to Prime members
  • Etc.

The advantages of being a Prime member are ever-increasing, and members have no reason to order from a competitor. Amazon’s strategy is simple: monetize existing customers.

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