Black Friday Results in the US

Live webinar  | Hosted in English 🇺🇸

December 7th
5:30 am
6:30 am

Event description

What would online shopping be without Black Friday, the most anticipated online event globally and one of the most significant in the US? Black Friday stands as the most important sales day of the year in numerous countries. Retailers and online stores kick off the holiday season by offering unbeatable discounts.

In the meantime, it has gained popularity not only for consumer electronics but also for various non-food and food products, such as beverages and pharmacy items. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, manufacturers and brands should consider these shopping festivals as essential strategic tools and leverage the opportunities they provide beyond these events to thrive in an inflationary environment.

Join the experts from Foxintelligence and NielsenIQ for an informative session where we will share unique ecommerce data and insights beyond Black Friday 2023 in the US. This will help you strategize and succeed during challenging times and capture and nurture new sources of growth.


Kevin Kirby
Sales Director @Foxintelligence by NielsenIQ
Eric Filipovitz
Senior Research Analyst @NIQ

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