« Thanks to Foxintelligence, we are seeing real success in terms of sales.« 

Showroomprivé has been a major French e-commerce player since 2006. Every day, the company offers 25 new event-based sales of major fashion, beauty, travel and high-tech brands in 7 countries to its 21 million members.


360° View

Géraldine is the B2B marketing manager at Showroomprivé. She has been using Foxintelligence’s data – as have 150 employees in the purchasing department – for the past 4 years.

« Before Foxintelligence, I had limited knowledge of the data concerning our market. We only had physical retail data – and we needed to complete that information. We need to know where our customers go when they are not with us. »


Before Foxintelligence


  Macro knowledge of the e-commerce market, thanks to data from institutes or collected during trade show conferences

   Limited knowledge of the online behaviour of customers outside the platform (public data)


With Foxintelligence


 Time saved and more granular information on Showroomprivé’s digital activity within its market

 More precise and consistent insight of e-commerce market trends and competition

 Better understanding of customers and their buying behaviour, as well as major consumer trends

Foxintelligence, the ideal tool for prospecting

Foxintelligence is the biggest European e-shopper panel. It gathers over 1.5 million e-shoppers and has been designed so that brands and retailers can view their markets and online consumers with precision.

Showroomprivé uses Foxintelligence as a prospecting tool. « We use it to detect brands that our customers would like to find on our platform. We have a lot of use cases where we’ve managed to discover brands through Foxintelligence, brands that are real success stories in terms of sales. »

For Showroomprivé’s sales teams, Foxintelligence data is a useful tool for preparing appointments with partner brands and prospects. « We know their digital distribution, we know who they work with, the evolution of their market share, the product categories they offer, their best sellers… We come prepared to meetings and we perform exponentially better. »

Showroomprivé uses Foxintelligence to manage its sales activity, looking in particular at:

  • Monthly market shares in order to know its evolution « to have a macro vision, and to know where we position ourselves as a distributor in e-commerce, with a particular scope linked to our business model. »
  • Market shares by category: « We have different verticals. We need to know how those categories are evolving, and how we are evolving within those categories. »


Daily Support

« We’ve been working together for four years now and it’s a pleasure to work with the Foxintelligence teams. They are very attentive, and reactive on a daily basis. They offer solutions that make the partnership as interesting as ever. I’m thinking in particular of the conferences, webinars, and all the proposals in terms of products, new developments, and analyses for which we are supported. »


« Foxintelligence allows us to know the expectations of our consumers, the new trends, the sub-categories and the brands that are emerging. »

Géraldine Guillaume, B2B marketing manager


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