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Our challenge is to provide brands and distributors with the best possible data on their markets, their competitors and their customers.

We do this with the utmost respect for the confidentiality of the data of the members of our panels. We believe that giving everyone access to reliable and accurate data enables companies to make better, more rational and more responsible decisions.

It also ensures fairer competition between economic players.

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Mobile gaming: revenue generated by apps through IAP
Mobile gaming: revenue generated by apps through IAP

Mobile Gaming broke new records during the lockdown. But which apps have been the most successful and what’s the revenue generated by apps through IAP?

French Days 2020 : a mixed success
French Days 2020 : a mixed success

French Days are not the new Black Friday. But still, the boost of sales during these few special days is worth the effort in these post-lockdown days.

Fashion & Ecommerce: Zara vs. H&M
Fashion & Ecommerce: Zara vs. H&M

Competition is tough in the online ready-to-wear market. In this focus on Zara vs. H&M, we analyze the results of the two giants, focusing on their direct sales (sales made on and, the profiles of their respective customers and the impact of second-hand platforms.

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