The launch of le “Super Marché” helped Frichti increase customer loyalty

The launch of le “Super Marché” helped Frichti increase customer loyalty

Frichti started operating in June 2015 and captures today around 10% of orders on the French food delivery market¹, only serving the Parisian region. The young contender launched a new initiative in September 2018, le Super Marché, aiming at bringing high quality products to its customers’ fridges. A bold strategic move to enter the complex and less digital grocery-delivery market, where incumbents such as Carrefour, Monoprix, Franprix, Leclerc are fighting to win customers’ hearts and wallets.

Le Super Marché by Frichti

Launched with an impactful marketing campaign, which went viral on social networks (#makemyfrigogreatagain), le Super Marché aims at becoming a one-stop online grocery store with a limited selection of products (around 200), carefully chosen based on their quality and exclusive sourcing (straight from local producers). Moreover, the offer varies over the year², focusing on products in season.

A fresh look at top performing categories and products

Six categories account for 75% of all orders placed at le Super Marché in November (see exhibit below).

Here are the top four categories and their best-sellers, by share of orders among Super Marché orders:

1) Cheese & dairy: it represented 19% of items sold in September, and grew by 4 percentage points (pp) in October. The #1 product of this category in September was a platter of seasonal cheese (14% of orders), followed by the “Petit beaufort d’été AOP Beillevaire”

2) Vegetables: this category increased by 6pp of items in October and then stabilised. Avocados are the top products sold in this category in September (37% of items sold), October (30%) and November (23%)

3) Bakery: the fresh bread category³ represents 13% of items and has remained stable in October and November

4) Cold cuts: they represented 10% of items sold in September, but its volume dropped by 50% and stabilised. The success of this category was short-sighted, and cold cuts lost ground to the fruit category, which gained 5pp between September and November.

The fruit and vegetables categories represented 31% of items sold in November (+6pp vs September), ranking #1.

Le Super Marché customers are top customers, ordering at Frichti even more since the launch

Super Marché customers also spend more at Frichti than other customers. In November 2018, Frichti captured 33% of le Super Marché customers’ monthly online food delivery budget, and 40% of their budget at lunchtime, while it only captured 9% of other customers’ budget, and 12% of their budget at lunchtime. Deliveroo still captures most of Frichti customers’ entire food delivery budget, including Super Marché customers.

Frichti customers who ordered at le Super Marché at least once, tend to order more frequently than other customers. Overall, they ordered on average 4.2 times per month at food delivery companies between September and November, while other customers ordered only 2.9 times. And the launch boosted the order frequency of Super Marché customers at Frichti.

The launch shows that boundaries between the online food delivery market and the grocery-delivery one are getting thinner. The French grocery-delivery market was a €6 billion market in 2017, and is expected to grow by 37% from 2017 to 2020⁴, while the very competitive online food delivery grew by 59% from 2017 to 2018.

For more insights on how this launch impacted other grocery-delivery incumbents, or what behavior Frichti customers have at traditional grocery-delivery chains, reach out to us!


(1): scope of analysis: Paris and its suburbs, among the following studied merchants, Deliveroo, Domino’s, Frichti, Sushi Shop, Uber Eats

(2): analysis based on products available on in October on the Super Marché page, excluding prepared meals mainly purchased at lunchtime

(3): excluding “Petit pain Aveyronnais”, also available for lunch orders, hence not strictly in the scope of products available in the Super Marché

(4): source Les Echos Etudes, Ecommerce alimentaire (April 2018)

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