The future of Ecommerce: marketplaces and second-hand products in ready-to-wear.

The future of Ecommerce: marketplaces and second-hand products in ready-to-wear.

There is a gap between the reality of e-commerce and the information available to those active in this distribution channel. On two major growth levers for the future of e-commerce, marketplaces and second-hand products, Foxintelligence reveals a selection of insights, focused here on the online ready-to-wear industry.

26% is the weight of marketplaces in online ready-to-wear turnover in 2019.

We are far from the 42% displayed on the IT/Telco/Consumer Electronics product categories and even further away from the 53% displayed on the DIY category.

But it’s the marketplace dynamics that we should focus in the ready-to-wear sector: their weight increased by +8 pts from 2018 to 2019 and, in February 2020, the 30% mark was exceeded.

Vinted captures the online ready-to-wear market.

Vinted became the biggest online ready-to-wear seller in volume in 2019 (and the 2nd largest in value), with more than 16% of market share, surpassing both specialized pure players such as Asos and generalist pure players such as Amazon. Within marketplaces, Vinted now accounts for more than half of the sales in ready-to-wear value.

This success is due to the high purchase frequency of Vinted customers. With more than 5 purchases per year on average and almost 100 euros spent by customers on its platform, Vinted has an increasingly direct impact on competitors in the online ready-to-wear market. For example, Vinted captured 7% of Asos customers’ budget in 2019 (+3 pts compared to 2018), or 8% of Sarenza customers’ budget in 2019.

Impact on brands

B2C marketplaces (such as Amazon or Zalando) and C2C marketplaces like Vinted are clearly redistributing the cards. Excluding marketplace sales, the top 10 brands account for 40% of online ready-to-wear sales. In marketplace sales, the top 10 brands account for only 13% of ready-to-wear sales.

While markets such as those for small household appliances favorise the emergence of Chinese brands, ready-to-wear markets feature well-know known brands. Zara, for example, will come in second place among top brands on the 2019 marketplace. But did you know that 100% of Zara’s marketplace sales come from… Vinted?

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Scope of the Foxintelligence study : E-commerce France 2019 | Top 30 retailers incl. Amazon, Zalando, Sarenza, Vinted, etc.

Methodology : This analysis is based on data from the Foxintelligence panel, which has more than 500,000 active consumers in France. We analyzed the sales made online in 2019, on the top 30 brands including Amazon, Zalando, Sarenza, Vinted, etc. . This study takes into account sales before returns and cancellations in France.

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