Our pledge to a privacy-first and data-first world at foxintelligence

Our pledge to a privacy-first and data-first world at foxintelligence

Image credits: Pierre Bamin

The data industry is filled with bad guys trying to steal our personal data to make money out of it. Very large companies are based on this business model. Actually, a large part of the tech platforms of the last 20 years is based on this model (“if you do not pay, you are the product”, meaning “we will use your data to personally target you to make you buy stuff”). Foxintelligence is notWe want here to share our vision why we think that cleanfox (our app for consumers) is not yet another app that read users’ email inboxes, without their consent. But first the hard facts about privacy.

Privacy is at the core of how we operate and is one of our core values since day one (this is in the shareholder agreement of the company since the incorporation in 2016) and we have built the company on it. First, we make it very clear to our community of users what their data will be used for: 100% anonymized data, only used for statistics on e-commerce. It means no prejudice to our users in terms of privacy or retargeting. The language is as plain as that during our onboarding process and we really want users not only to consent to our terms but also to understand them fully.

Second, we are constantly audited against GDPR practices to make sure we always hold on to this promise made to our community, even in the most detailed topics as data storage or manipulation, to make sure that the data is not only stripped from personal markers (e.g., removing names, email address, postal address) but also totally impossible to trace back to individuals with vectors of behaviors. It includes statistical rendering, blurring and various other techniques to make sure our data set is 100% anonymized. This also includes very strict usage of a unique User ID and the absolute impossibility to share or sell raw databases that would include some kind of these user IDs to clients that could retro-engineer these user IDs. These practices are unfortunately not market standards, as recent stories about various firms have shown, but we believe this is the only way to protect our community of users.

Finally, our users have obviously the ability to opt-out from our services and their data is at that time not used anymore to do our statistics. Even more, our users can collect from us the personal data we have stored as required by GDPR (a couple of users have done it and we were very happy to send a database with all their transactions and newsletters that we had retrieved from their mailbox). All these points radically differentiate us from other firms collecting e-receipts or clickstream data.

From a higher perspective, we believe crowd-sourced transaction data has a transformational power both for consumers and for companies and that a market place where value can be created for both sides without making any compromise on privacy is possible.

From a user perspective (for our cleanfox community), we constantly make efforts to add more value to our users through our cleanfox services. For instance, we are releasing more features that leverage consumer data to empower users with their own information. We do so because this is in the DNA of our company since day one (the first service we launched was misterfox that was doing only that to claim delivery delays compensation) and also simply because we want to build better products for ourselves first, as we are the first users of our services.

From a business perspective, consumption data is more and more trapped with tech giants that use it for their own benefit, killing competition to the extent of other players and finally to our extent as consumers. This is, for instance, the case with Amazon that collects — and does not share with anyone — up to 40% of online commerce. Our dream clients are companies that see their ability to serve their customers diminish by an unfair advantage held by “data monopolies”. To these firms (brands or retailers), we offer a market intelligence saas platform that allows them to identify the best 3rd party sellers on successful market places like Amazon, the best products that their clients might buy and unique insights about market dynamics, nothing less, but nothing more.

There is a space where personal data can be put at work for both consumers and companies trying to make better business decisions, based on reliable information. In this space, consumers can get empowered with their own data and part of this data can be transformed in information products that are valuable and useful for brands and analysts. We gave ourselves the mission to occupy this space and to build a privacy-first and data-first company.

We encourage all our partners, future users and clients to experience all this by themselves by reading our pledge to privacy to our users and by enrolling in cleanfox to see how we interact with our community of users and what lies behind our words. If you want to know more, you can just come and meet us.