McDonald’s is reshaping the entire food delivery market

McDonald’s is reshaping the entire food delivery market

Since June 2017, McDonald’s deliveries are available for home delivery. This partnership has not only boosted its delivery partner’s sales but has also changed the whole food delivery consumption habits and the French food delivery market.

How different is McDonald’s from other restaurants ?

In 2018, 38% of the Parisian Region food delivery orders came from the Parisian outskirts. As for McDonald’s, the share of Parisian outskirts orders reached 45%. Moreover, McDonald’s seems to be one of the best answers to late night cravings as nighttime orders represent 10% of McDonald’s total volume, and only 4% of the global food delivery volume.

McDonald’s impacts both the food delivery market shape and size

First, McDonald’s entry on the food delivery market boosted burgers sales. Burgers used to represent about 13% of food delivery sales in the first semester of 2017. Following McDonald’s availability for home delivery, the share of burgers in the sales mix increased, entirely explained by McDonald’s sales, reaching 27% in S2 2018.

Second, McDonald’s quickly became the leading restaurant chain of the French food delivery market, accounting for 11% of the total market sales in November 2018.

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