Asos vs. Zalando: the online fashion pure-players duel

Asos vs. Zalando: the online fashion pure-players duel

Over the last 2 years, Foxintelligence has become the new standard for consumer intelligence in e-commerce. In this article, Foxintelligence reveals some insights into the duel between the Asos and Zalando. We will slice the data with 3 angles: private labels, consumers generations (B, X, Y and Z) and consumer loyalty.

Round 1: The private label strategy

If the two brands have each launched their own brands, the strategies of the two competitors is very different. Private labels account for 36% of Asos sales, an increase of 15 ppts over the previous year!

Round 2: Each generation

The two rivals are neck and neck when we compare their overall market shares in France, all generations combined. On the other hand, if we focus on the younger generations, we see very different buying habits. While Generation Y (1980–1995) shows a slight preference for Zalando, the situation is clearly reversed with Generation Z (born after 1995), with whom Asos has a clear lead.

Round 3: Who has the most loyal customers?

By analyzing the electronic receipts from our panel of 500,000 active consumers, Foxintelligence is able to provide you with a very precise view of the purchasing habits of your customers and those of your competitors. That’s how we learn that Asos customers spend an average of 46.1% of their budget on Asos (on clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, watches). On these same categories, Zalando customers spend an average of 45.7% of their budget at Zalando. The two platforms are neck and neck but these figures go up for Zalando (+ 1.9pp vs 2018) while they go down at Asos (-2.2pp vs 2018).

And if we look at the annual spending of customers on each website, we also see here a small advance from Zalando. In 2019, a Zalando customer spent an average of € 191, while this amount was € 175 for Asos customers. (Sales including VAT before returns and cancellations)

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Methodology : This analysis is based on data from the Foxintelligence panel, which has more than 500,000 active consumers in France. We analyzed the sales made in 2019 on the Asos and Zalando sites.

About Foxintelligence : is the #1 consumer intelligence tool for e-commerce, based on the largest consumer mega-panel in Europe. We support leading e-commerce companies in their strategy by providing their teams with the best competitive information.