The market & consumer intelligence platform

made for e-commerce

All your insights. All your data. All your use cases.

All in one platform. And it’s simple.

Insights you won’t see anywhere else

Our Technology breaks the boundaries of what is possible in terms of e-commerce intelligence


Get insights that you will find nowhere else.


Get exclusive insights on the e-commerce giant (1P,3P…)

Emerging brands

Spot new players as fast as they appear 

Product level 

Product references purchased by e-shoppers


Filter by category, customer type, region and more in one place

Missed sales

Find out what your customers are buying from your competitors

Des uses cases bien rangés, accessibles en permanence.

Well-organized and accessible use cases.

A permanently accessible navigation bar with your main use cases to easily find your way around.

  Analyze your market

  Improve your offer

   Know your customers

Search what you want. And just find it.

A filter engine to find anything you want. A powerful filter module with all dimensions accessible in one click and the ability to go back to January 2017.

  Insight search engine

  Multi-factor filter module

  Filter by time period

Cherchez ce que vous voulez, c’est trouvé.
 La simplicité, c’est aussi faire tout ce que vous voulez.

Simplicity is also about doing whatever you want.

With Foxintelligence, the platform adapts to you. Save analyses, extract data on your favorite tools, customize your category tree… It’s up to you!

 Customizable categorization tree

   Save favorites

   Data extraction